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We are a Regional Contract Medical Sales Company.  At Strategic Medical Sales, LLC both quality and value are very important thus the reason why we will only offer you the very best of products and services.  In addition, we are pround to say, "The majority of the products we sell or promote are made in the United States!"  Our customers our primarily: Healthcare Providers, Independent Pharmacies, DMEs, Clinics, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Healthcare Systems. Should you wish to buy product from us, please email or call our office and one of our Customer Service Professionals will be happy to assist you.

High quality, clinical strength, non-opioid pain relief options that are made in the USA can be difficult to find. We happen to have a number of the very best options available today that fall within the topical, non-prescription classification.  LidoPro® topical pain relief ointment and LidoPro patch® are two such products.  Both the LidoPro® Ointment & Patch are professional strength medications available via Healthcare Providers and select Independent Pharmacies.  We do have additional clinical strength topical pain relief medications available, please call or email our Sales Office for full details. We now have the clinical strength Viva Patch.  The three pain relief medications: LidoPro® topical ointment, LidoPro patch®, and Viva Patch, are all covered in most cases by "Workers Compensation Insurance".  The three pain relief medications are also available for those that are not covered by Workers Compensation that wish to pay for the medication themselves.

Pain Relief, Capital Equipment, Orthopedics, Durable Medical Equipment

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Pain Relief, Capital Equipment, Orthopedics, Durable Medical Equipment

*New For 2017*

The most effective topical analgesic pain relief ointment available. Orthopedic and pain-management physicians trust LidoPro® over other prescription and OTC drugs to provide their patients with the safest and most effective local pain relief.

LidoPro®  Treates

Muscle Pain Due To:

Myalgias, muscle strains or sprains, pulled muscles, muscle stiffness, muscle soreness, fibromyalgia, myofacial pain syndrome, exercise-induced myalgias, delayed onset myalgias, or piriformis syndrome.

Nerve Pain Due To:

Neuropathies, neuralgia, neuritis, post herpetic neuralgia (shingles), occipital neuralgia, occipital neuritis, occipital neuropathy, peripheral neuralgia, peripheral neuritis, peripheral neuropathy, polyneuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS, reflex sympathetic dystrophy or RSD, sudecks' atrophy, hand-shoulder syndrome, sciatica, meralgia paresthetica, intercostal neuralgia, intercostal neuritis, intercostal neuropathy, lumbar radiculopathy, lumbar radiculitis, or pinched nerves.

Joint Pain Due To:

Osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA), degenerative joint disease (DJD), psoriatic arthritis, gouty arthritis, cervical facet joint disease, lumbar facet joint disease, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or impingement syndrome of the shoulder.

Ligament Pain Due To:

Sprains or strains, tendonitis, tendinopathy, epicondylitis, or costochondritis.

Spinal, Neck or Back Pain Due To:

Bulging disc, herniated disc, slipped disc, degenerative disc disease, degenerative joint disease, facet joint arthritis, musculoligamentous strain, sacroiliitis, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, or spondylosis.

Body Pains, including:

Arm, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, chest, foot, ankle, toe, head, hip, knee, leg, back, or neck.

Did You Know ... Proper Footwear Can Help Relieve Both Knee &  Back Pain?

Email us today and ask how we can help.

Viva Pain Relief Patch:


Welcome to VIVA Patch!  Designed to soothe on contact, VIVA Patch delivers powerful pain relief where you need it most.  Whether you suffer from stiff joints, inflammation, or sore muscles – VIVA Patch is here to help.

Three key active ingredients — Lidocaine 2.5%, Camphor 2%, and Methyl Salicylate 4% — fight the pain, reduce inflammation, and provide hours of relief.

Lidocaine 2.5%

Lidocaine is an anesthetic that blocks the nerve signals being sent through the body.  When applied as a topical agent, lidocaine works onsite to numb the pain.  It is a highly effective pain reliever used to treat any number of symptoms and conditions.  Some newer topical pain relief products contain lidocaine as the only active ingredient.  VIVA Patch adds two more.

Methyl Salicylate 4%

Methyl salicylate is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).  NSAIDs, as the name suggests, relieve pain by reducing the inflammation surrounding it.  Methyl salicylate is ideal for joint and muscle pain.  There aren’t many topical patches available that contain both lidocaine and methyl salicylate.  The combination of anesthetic and NSAID properties in VIVA Patch provides the patient with superior, long-lasting relief.

Camphor 2%

Camphor is the analgesic component in VIVA Patch.  Topical analgesics relieve pain by acting as a counterirritant.  Camphor adds a cooling sensation that increases the blood flow and stimulates the nerve endings to distract the patient from pain.  The unique combination of all three active ingredients makes VIVA Patch the only topical patch of its kind.

The Benefits to Patients

  • Fast Acting – VIVA Patch activates on contact.  Don’t let pain slow you down!
  • Deep Penetrating – VIVA Patch targets your pain directly at the source.  
  • Flexible & Form-Fitting – the self-adhesive gel sticks to your skin, and stays there!
  • Reduced Scent – pain free or scent-free?  How about both!  Enjoy a peaceful relief.

The Benefits to Doctors and Physicians

  • Cost-effective and SAFE over-the-counter alternative to provide your patients.
  • Dedicated customer service team for easy ordering – and to answer any questions.
  • Efficient supply chain model to ensure product quality and patient safety.
  • Professionally designed documents available for you and your practice.

Patients can contact their local provider – and providers can reach out to their management company or distributor.  Or you can contact us below to learn more about why VIVA Patch is right for patients and providers alike.

Multi Panel Drug Testing Cup

Order in multiples of (25) cups, High quality, Very affordable

Test multiple drugs simultaneously, 99% accurate, Results in as little as 1 minute, Built in temperature strip, Female user friendly, Seal-tight lid

                                            Tens Units & Ortopedic Bracing

Strategic Medical Sales, LLC  is now able to assist Healthcare Providers by supplying quality Tens Units and Orthopedic Bracing to their patients. Yes, we  now have relationships in place which will allow for the Billing and Dispensing of medically necessary Tens Units and Orthopedic Bracing for (many insurance payors).  Some restrictions apply, please call or email for full details.

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